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Trip’s End

September 5, 2012

Can’t think of a more fitting end to a fantastic trip than a ride down Arkansas Scenic 7! We left The Hub before 8 o’clock this morning for a (what I thought) was a short ride to breakfast. Three hours later I still hadn’t found that special breakfast spot but we did manage to ride […]

Back in Arkansas

September 4, 2012

It’s our last night on the road so we have chosen a familiar spot for the night. The Hub Motorcycle Resort in Marble Falls. This is only the second time I’ve stayed here, but I feel like I’m helping the “little guy” when I do. One of Harley-Davidson’s manufacturing facilities was in Kansas City. V-Rods, […]

State lines

September 3, 2012

When we left Norfolk, Nebraska this morning it was very cloudy, some rain was falling, and even a little thunder and lightning. And, yes, we did get rained on. But it wasn’t enough to warrant suiting up. So we just plodded along until the sun finally broke through the clouds and started warming things up. […]


September 2, 2012

This was a pretty uneventful day. First of all, this was the day we started our “southern descent”, in other words, we are beginning our return trip. That in itself is enough to sadden us all. But, onward we must go! We left Wall (and the drug store) behind about 9 this morning. Road construction, […]


September 1, 2012

Just sharing with you some of the sights that we experienced today. This morning we left the black hills and headed to the Badlands. Once we got through Rapid City, the wind started picking up. And picking up and picking up!!! I’m still not sure what the wind speed was, but I know I fought […]

More Awesomeness

August 31, 2012

Having all sorts of internet problems tonight…. Today was another day hard to beat. After a good breakfast, we were off on another road trip. Back across the Wyoming state line to Newcastle then north to our first stop – Devils Tower. Pretty unbelievable sight, just jutting up from the rolling hills. We rode as […]


August 30, 2012

There just aren’t enough adjectives to describe our day. Our travels carried us less than 150 miles but we spent ALL day doing it! We left Hill City and headed for Custer State Park. This is the home to Needles Highway. I’m sure lot’s of you are familiar with that little stretch of road. The […]

Majestic Plains

August 29, 2012

Left Colorado this morning with the temps in the mid 40’s. No problem, we’re prepared. You know, layers and layers PLUS heated gear! So we were not cold as we departed. Too bad we didn’t need it. Cause it wasn’t long before we started coming out of clothes! Within 3 hours the temperature had doubled! […]

Yikes, yaks!!!

August 28, 2012

Ok, a little more about dinner last night. We had studied all day about where we were to dine. Graham’s Grill. Turned out it was a bit more upscale than we were expecting. And I’m sure we weren’t exactly the group that our server was expecting either. At the very least, I know she was […]

Walk a Mile in My Shoes

August 27, 2012

Today we spent almost the entire day in historic Taos Plaza and Bent Street. After a great breakfast at the Taos Diner, we parked and started walking. T-shirts, magnets, leather, jewelry….we saw it all and bought most of it! Even spent time in the Kit Carson House and Museum. We tried to see Taos Puebla […]