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August 21, 2012

As a p.s., I just returned from a meeting in Chickasha, OK winding up the 2012 ride. Although some of the details are still being ironed out, I am proud to announce that the BREAST RIDE EVER will donate over $23,000 this year. Monies will be distributed to groups/clinics/cancer centers in the 3 major “home” […]


May 22, 2012

This morning I am leaving the group.  They are headed into Lawton for a rowdy, “welcome back” party and I’m making my way into Camden.  It’s been a wonderful week and I’m going to miss these girls. I’m still not certain what I was really expecting when I met the group but I’m going away […]

Pig Trail

May 22, 2012

We got to sleep late today!  Although, I think most everyone was ready at the “regular” time.  Leaving Eureka, we made our way west to Rogers.  The Harley shop there was feeding us lunch. As we rolled into the parking lot, we were greeted with camera crews and press.  Several of the women were interviewed […]

day 4 – headed to TOAD SUCK

May 22, 2012

A huge thank-you to taWanda for inviting everyone down to the hotel bar at whatever time that was last night.  Seems she had some extremely good luck on the slots and was eager for everyone to celebrate with her!  But that was last night — moving on to today. We left early headed to Toad […]

more of day 3

May 22, 2012

Hate to tell you that I’m back home now and trying frantically to update the blog.  So hard to do this after we have seen/done so much. Southern Thunder H-D provided a light breakfast for us and we all did some shopping.  Afterward, we headed downtown for our tour of  Graceland.  As many times as […]

Leaving Wednesday morning. Headed to Southern Thunder HD for breakfast!

May 16, 2012

Arrived at the dealership with few glitches. Super friendly. Love the store. Built with mostly repurposed materials. You need to see it. Turns out we have a shooter in our midst. Kim, our photographer, had crawled up on an overpass to shoot pics as we rode this morning. Who would have known that there was […]

day 2

May 15, 2012

We have arrived in Tunica after a good day’s riding! We left Texarkana and headed west on Hwy 82 to Magnolia. Only lost two stick-on pig tails through this leg. Stopped in Magnolia to gas and potty (you know, breakfast & coffee). Left Magnolia on Hwy 79 through Camden, Pine Bluff and Stuttgart where we […]

Allen TX. H-D of Dallas

May 14, 2012

Left early this morning with a police escort and tv camera crew. Accommodations at the Sleep Inn in Lawton were awesome. Cannot be matched, I’m sure. So many personal touches! And the breakfast wasn’t at all shabby either. Our second fuel stop today we were approached by a couple of women that wanted to pray […]


May 13, 2012

Pre-ride pic with the group. 22 women on their own bikes. We’re lining up at 7am. Departure at 7:30. This might be a challenge for some in the group… may be too early to tell!

Pre-ride stuff

May 13, 2012

Getting all the introductions and instructions for the week. Gonna be a really good week!