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Down for the count

We got beat up by the weather again today. First, leaving Fort Collins, the rain required that we suit up. That is never fun. Then 100 miles later, we were peeling off raingear because of the heat. HEAT. HEAT. HEAT. Ugh!

That was the extent of the day until we reached Garden City, KS….yep one more state line. But once we made it that far, the winds unleashed. We were so glad we only had 50 miles of that.

Dodge City – where the west began! All the cowboys and outlaws. The Santa Fe Trail, Wyatt Earp, Bat Masterson and the list goes on. Too bad we won’t get to see some of the sights. Leaving early in the morning trying to beat the heat and the wind.

More tomorrow.


One Response to “Down for the count”

  1. Worried about y’all today as we were getting pounded by rain storms all morning. Getting more tonight along with thunder and lightning. Be careful and get your butt home! We are heading West Saturday morning.

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